A newly formed community group is inviting non-Muslims to a mosque to help promote ‘dialogue and understanding’ and share mindfulness and stress-busting tips.

The Ghausia Mosque in Nelson will host an open day for all organised by Seek2Change.

The founders include Hammad Shafiq, Sajid Hussain, Yasar Arfan, Sobia Mahmood, Amnah Iqbal and Samera Yasmin.

It will take place on Saturday, May 18, at 3pm, where they will be offering practical sessions aimed at helping attendees find ‘inner peace and reduce stress through mindfulness techniques’. 

The group said they were inspired by the words of Sheikh Dabbagh.

He said: “We are not in the business of creating followers, but in making leaders who are inspired and have that paradigm shift to bring about peace upon themselves, their families, their neighbours and their country.

"That will then contribute towards peace across the whole world.

 “So have intentions for peace across the whole of the earth by bringing peace upon your own body, mind, and heart.” 

The event will also include activities such as sharing quotes from various scriptures, including the Quran, and engaging attendees in discussions about their origins.