Hyndburn Council's Conservative group has hit back at a claim by the borough's new Labour rulers that they left a 'black hole' in the authority's finances.

Deputy Tory leader Councillor Steven Smithson said the accusation was 'simply not true'.

The borough Labour group made the allegation in a Facebook post following its regaining control of the council from the Conservative-led minority administration in May 2's local elections.

It said: "We know we have a big job on our hands as we deal with the black hole in the finances with the wasteful, vanity projects that the Conservatives have committed the council to, which will require reviewing immediately."

St Andrew's ward's Cllr Smithson said: “Hyndburn Labour are putting out there is a black hole in Hyndburn Council finances.

"This is simply not true.

"Under the stewardship of Cllr Joyce Plummer and more recently Cllr Peter Britcliffe, there has been excellent management of the council’s finances.

"During the last financial year 2023/2024 there was an underspend of nearly £1million pounds. 

"This has meant that in that year we were able to support our leisure facilities here, as well as giving back £100,000 to good causes and supporting worthy organisations throughout the borough. 


"I have no idea why Hyndburn Labour are perpetuating the myth of a black hole in the council finances - perhaps they are forecasting where the council will be in two years' time after their mismanagement."