An NHS boss has said he is ‘disappointed’ with the results of a staff survey for a health board in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

In a report, the chief executive of Lancashire and South Cumbria integrated care board (ICB), Kevin Lavery, stated the results of the NHS staff survey for the board were ‘not reflective of where want to be as an organisation’.

According to the NHS staff survey for Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB, staff reported worse scores for work pressure in 2023 compared with 2022.

In a scale between one and 10 where the higher the score, the more positive the result, the score for work pressure decreased from 5.46 to 4.65. This is lower than the average score of 5.36 for ICBs nationally.

Figures show 439 members of staff completed the questionnaire which is a response rate of 75 per cent.

The report states: “Since the previous year’s results, which were on the back of organisational change and at a time when we were mid restructure, we had hoped the work undertaken through the Big Conversation programme, the launch of our PROUD values and the fabulous staff awards day in December, would have supported staff to have a more positive experience of their work life.

“However, our results, albeit a slight improvement on the previous year were disappointing and not reflective of where we want to be as an organisation.”

The NHS survey found staff scored higher in their response to the ‘we are always learning’ category this year with the board scoring 4.7 in comparison to 4.11 the year before.

The report adds: “The executive team take these results very seriously and it is important that we act quickly but in a measured way, to demonstrate to our staff that we do listen, we do care and that their positive experience of work is very important to us.”

“When analysed at a directorate level, there is significant variability in the survey results. Some are performing well above average and some are below. It is therefore important that we take areas of good practice, learn from and build upon them across the organisation.

“We are launching a series of roadshows under the banner of the Big Conversations to be led by the executive team and senior leadership team which we hope will give colleagues the confidence to speak with us openly so that we can address their concerns and issues.”