This photo from 1974 shows Mill Hill Junior School in Blackburn which would finally close that summer - more than 40 years after the building had originally been condemned!

Lancashire Telegraph: Mill Hill Junior School, Blackburn, 1974

Pupils would be moving to the new Meadowhead Junior School on March 1.

For head teacher Kenneth Charnley it was the end of a long wait.

He had been appointed head 20 years previously with the promise that he would soon be moving into a new school.

But financial constraints meant that the new school was delayed year after year.

The old building had served the community for 127 years and as early as 1932 land had been earmarked for its replacement.

The new Meadowhead Junior School was a semi open plan design, a far cry from the cramped conditions pupils were used to.

New features included eight television points and digital clocks in the classrooms for older pupils as these were forecast to be the style for all clocks in 20 years time.

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