As one of the UK’s fastest growing independent broadband providers, brsk has been very vocal in its opinion about crazy prices in the broadband industry. Why should something that has virtually become a basic human right, be so inaccessible to so many? And why should it be so expensive? Why indeed!

You could say that the gloves are off. And that’s a good thing, because brsk is standing up for those who’ve fallen victim to outrageous prices. They’re standing up for providing fast, full fibre broadband, the best available in the UK, at prices that are actually affordable. Now, this will be music to the ears of millions of potential broadband subscribers, both from a residential and business point of view. Let’s take a closer look at the figures.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Coming out in small numbers

In this instance, it makes sense to compare apples with apples. So, let’s take  brsk’s entry-level full fibre broadband package, called BetterNet100.

This offering is currently £23 per month on a 24-month contract. You get 100Mbps (upload AND download), with no nasty mid-contract price increases. Now go compare that to the big name competitors in your area. And, while you’re at it, compare the Trustpilot scores too… with nearly 8,000 reviews, ours is 4.7/5, just saying.

If you’re feeling the need for more speed, brsk has other even faster packages. Their BetterNet500 gives you 500Mbps upload and download speeds at £28 per month, and BetterNet1000 gives you 900Mbps up and down at just £32 per month.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Spread the word. Join brsk today.

A simple referral reward programme has made it really easy - not to mention rewarding - to join brsk. Anyone can refer anyone, a family member, your dog groomer, a Facebook friend you’ve not spoken to for years, or even Bob down the road. If they join brsk using your unique code and keep their service for over 30 days, there’s a £75 Amazon voucher in it for both of you! Best part is, there's no limit to how many people your unique referral code can be shared with.

If you’re not a customer, visit to generate your code to share far and wide to start enjoying those vouchers!

Building better broadband for homes and businesses near you

From Darwen to Harle Syke and Padiham to Rossendale, every day brsk is connecting more streets to its full fibre network, to bring better broadband to homes and businesses across the West Midlands. Currently more than 100,000 homes and businesses could order right now and expect to be installed in a matter of days.

Check your coverage and see if you can order fast, affordable broadband, visit Ts and Cs apply.