Clive Grunshaw has taken up his role as police and crime commissioner for Lancashire, following his recent election to be the public's voice in policing.

Following the poll on May 2, Mr Grunshaw, who previously served as police and crime commissioner between 2012 and 2021, will represent the people of Lancashire as he sets the priorities for policing in the county and holds the Chief Constable to account.

On his first day, the commissioner met with chief constable Sacha Hatchett to set out his vision for policing, while taking into account what the public has been telling him they want to see from the Constabulary, both before and since his election.

Mr Grunshaw wants to rebuild the public's trust and confidence in policing, focus on prevention and early intervention, whilst ensuring the delivery of efficient and visible policing across the county.

Speaking after taking up his post, Mr Grunshaw said: "I am honoured that the people of Lancashire have put their trust in me to take on this important role, a job where we can make a real difference to people's lives, and I am excited to get to work delivering the visible, value for money police service the public expect.

"Throughout my election campaign, I have made clear my vision for policing in Lancashire – visible policing that sees officers on our streets, to rebuild the public's trust and confidence in policing that they will be there when they need them.

"I am also committed to regaining our rating from national inspectors for being Outstanding for efficiency and use of resources, whilst focusing on prevention and early intervention to redirect people away from offending and lessening demand on our emergency services.

"I'm looking forward to working with the Chief Constable in the coming weeks and months as I develop my Police and Crime Plan, outlining how we're going to deliver the priorities I have been elected on."

Chief constable Sacha Hatchett said: “It was a pleasure to meet with Mr Grunshaw on his first day in office. We had a very productive meeting where he outlined his priorities and where he intends to focus the activity in the Police and Crime Plan.

“In turn, I was able to share with him the current operational and organisational challenges the Constabulary faces but also the real successes we have had as well.

“We share a real desire to ensure neighbourhood policing is excellent in Lancashire which is what our communities want. I also share his passion for prevention and early intervention, working with partners to divert people entering the criminal justice system.

“The Constabulary has worked hard over recent years to change our policing model so we consistently deliver effective policing services to the communities of Lancashire, ensuring that we put the needs of victims at the heart of everything we do. I know from his previous time in office, Mr Grunshaw is hugely victim-focused. I am pleased that we will be able to continue to progress this work with Mr Grunshaw’s support and I look forward to working with him over his term in office.”

The election count took place at Blackburn's King George's Hall on Friday, May 3, and Clive’s tenure as PCC commenced on May 9.

The police and crime commissioner is the public's voice in policing in Lancashire, and is responsible for setting the strategic priorities for policing and holding the chief constable to account. The role, which came into effect in 2012, ensures the needs of Lancashire communities are met as effectively and efficiently as possible.