New plans have been submitted to extend a residential property in Clayton-le-Moors and convert it into a small children's home.

The latest proposal would see the two-storey house in Whalley Road turned into a small specialist care home for up to three children with emotional or behavioural difficulties.

It also involves the construction of a rear dormer roof extension and the insertion of roof lights on front roof slope, to provide two additional bedrooms on the second floor.

On March 13 Hyndburn Council refused a planning application by Kenneth Tomkins of Jigsaw Children's Home Ltd in Clayton-le-Moors to convert the premises into 'a cluster accommodation facility' for four vulnerable children.

The reason given was: "‘The proposed children's care home (in particular because of the high number of children proposed to be accommodated) would be an overintensive use of the modest sized mid-terrace building, thereby adversely affecting the neighbouring dwellings and the area generally by reason of likely noise and disturbance arising from the amount of activity at the building."

Now he has submitted a new planning application for a smaller-scale children's home..

A supporting statement with the latest application says: "More detail has been provided with this application to address the previous concern.

"The applicant has had regular discussions with the local social services department, who have confirmed the urgent need for this care home.

"The proposed children’s home seeks to replicate as closely as possible a normal family environment.

"This type of provision is to help children who often, through no fault of their own, have not had good parenting in their early years. These are not children with special needs.

"The proposal is to register the property as a registered children's home for up to three children from 5 to 17 years.

"They would be looked after by a maximum three carers, two of whom will sleep /be awake overnight, working on a rota basis"

The application includes a 'market position statement' from Lancashire County Council which says: "There are more than enough children's homes in Lancashire to meet local demand, but we can still struggle to find suitable homes for some of our children in care."

It also includes a Management Plan from Jigsaw which says the home would accommodate 'three children requiring care for the following vulnerabilities: neglect, mental health issues, trauma, and emotional behavioural difficulties'.

The application also includes a 'dotted map' showing 170 local residents in support of the proposed care home.

Jigsaw director Carol Lee said: "We hope this application will be approved.

"We have got 170 people supporting it.

"We are proposing a local care home for local children."