A Rishton entrepreneur didn’t let the disappointment of not getting chosen on ‘Aldi’s Next Big Thing’ , by landing an even bigger contract with a major high street brand.

Laura Barton is founder of Granola Butter Co and appeared on the Channel 4 show this week.

Despite not winning a contract with the supermarket, Laura said she was overjoyed when Holland and Barrett decided her product would be stocked across 774 stores.

Speaking of her time on the Channel 4 show she said: “It was a great experience.

"I'm not a natural behind the camera but I was proud of my pitch and how I answered all of the questions, it's just a shame that more of the footage didn't make it onto the show. 

“I think the buyer had made her mind up before I started pitching as she didn't think that the spreads market was a big enough opportunity.”

Presented by Anita Rani, the six-part series sees suppliers compete in a range of categories including dinners and baked goods, as well as new category additions: party, world, and confectionery.   

Lancashire Telegraph:

Products are presented to Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK, who deliberates on factors such as price, packaging, shopper demand, and the ability to scale up.

The judges then taste-test the products before Julie decides on the winner. 

Laura’s Granola Butter was up against a protein ball called Dung and a healthy ginger beer.

Laura has since landed a deal with Holland and Barrett for 30,000 units. This is 10,000 more than the Aldi order she had pitched for.

She said: “We're stocked in every single Holland & Barrett store in the UK and Ireland which is a huge achievement that I'm very proud of.

"It was a real pinch-me moment seeing my products on the shelf for the first time.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Laura first launched Granola Butter Co in July 2022 and said she spent a year perfecting the recipe and prepped orders from her bedroom.

She said: “The idea came from the USA - Granola Butter is huge over there but no one was making it here in the UK, and typically trends from the US find their way over to the UK - so I saw this as a huge opportunity. 

“I loved the fact that I could make a product with mainly British ingredients to minimise food miles and support British farming, that tasted delicious and could be enjoyed by almost everyone.”

Granola Butter has the same texture as peanut butter but is made with granola instead of nuts.

Laura added:  “It’s a sweet spread but it has 70 per cent less sugar than comparable products in the market and it has tasting notes of caramelised biscuits. 

“It’s super versatile - you can eat it for breakfast with porridge, on toast, as a snack with fruit, for dessert or even by the spoon. It’s high fibre, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free but full of flavour.”