A coalition of Independents and Liberal Democrat, which has been running Pendle Council, looks set to continue after last week's local elections.

Leaders of the two groups will meet on Friday to review the arrangement when they are expected to confirm the agreement will remain in force.

The authority remained under no overall control after Thursday's council polls.

The Liberal Democrats picked up one councillor as all the Independent candidates, who were part of the Gaza rebellion which saw the entire Labour group quit last month, were re-elected.

Among them were current council leader Cllr Asjad Mahmood and former authority boss Cllr Mohammed Iqbal.

Lancashire Telegraph: Lib Dem group leader David WhippLib Dem group leader David Whipp

This means that the largest party in Pendle are the Conservatives with 13 councillors, and the Lib Dems with eight.

Now Cllr Mahmood has said he expects the shared administration to continue.

Conservative group leader Cllr Nadeem Ahmed said this would not be a good result for the borough after his party performed well.

Lib Dem group leader, Cllr David Whipp, said: "We are due to meet with colleagues in the independent group this Friday to review our agreement for a shared administration."

Lancashire Telegraph: Tory group leader said the coalition continuing is not good for PendleTory group leader said the coalition continuing is not good for Pendle

Cllr Mahmood told the Lancashire Telegraph: "I am expecting to continue the partnership administration which ran Pendle Council before the election.

"We have a good understanding with the Liberal Democrats and we were delivering on our plan.

"There is a meeting on Friday and we expect to agree the partnership will continue.

"Our joint plan is about investment in Pendle and its towns and promoting the prosperity of the borough.

Lancashire Telegraph: Ex-Labour now Independent Cllr Asjad Mahmood is expected to stay as leaderEx-Labour now Independent Cllr Asjad Mahmood is expected to stay as leader

"We have also allocated £1 million for leisure services to upgrade them and improve their sustainability."

Cllr Ahmed said: "I am expecting the Independent/Lib Dem coalition to continue.

"I don't think that is good for Pendle.

"They have no plan. We don't know what the Independents stand for. They produced no manifesto.

"They have no new ideas to tackle the major challenges Pendle faces.

"I think the Conservative group did well in the local elections considering the national background.

"We got the largest share of the vote and still have the most councillors."