An Accrington road has potholes that are so severe, residents fear damage is being caused to their cars.

Barnfield Street – near Accrington and Rossendale College – has been a subject of debate for years, with bus companies recently having to re-route services to avoid its damaged state.

This comes as Lancashire County Council (LCC) – the local authority responsible for all public roads in the county, except motorways – has come under fire after telling a Preston student, who dislocated her ankle on a pothole, that they’re a ‘fact of life’.

Susan Parkinson, of Barnfield Street, said: “It’s disgusting the road needs resurfacing, it feels like you’re riding the Big Dipper!

“Loads of people have complained to LCC and our MP about it.”

“The state of the road is atrocious,” fellow resident, Marilyn Hold added.

“I’m on the school run and the condition of the road is going to damage mine or someone else’s car sooner or later.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Potholes on Barnfield Street

The nearby, lesser-used, Beech Street, is also suffering from disrepair, with potholes so deep the cobbles underneath are clearly visible.

Accrington man and ex-Tarmac contractor, Wayne Bulman, said: “The problem is, the repairs that the council do will never last.

“They don’t prep the hole properly, there’s a hole nearby on Ascot Way that’s been repeatedly patched up four times, and then it just reappears somewhere else because they don’t do a proper job.

“With the state of Barnfield Street it just needs a full recover.

“My disgust is that they’ve given recovers to roads like Alice Street – near Peel Park Primary School – and they’ve not even touched Barnfield Street.

“I don’t remember any potholes on Alice Street and I used to use it frequently.

“It’s a farm track, that’s all Barnfield Street is.”

Lancashire County Council has been contacted for comment.