A new name arrived on the Blackburn town centre ‘scene’ in 1983.

Lancashire Telegraph: Toffs opening in Lord Square, Blackburn, 1983

This photo was taken at the official opening of Toffs, a restaurant and bar in Lord Square.

Toffs - which later became known as the T-Bar - was a popular meeting point for clubbers heading to The Cav/Peppermint Place/Utopia which had an entrance on Lord Square.

It was also part of the town centre ‘circuit’ which would see those on a night out call in at a number of the town centre pubs such as Yates, the Brewers and Blakeys.

Pictured at the opening are (from left) Assistant manager Heather Thornton; Howard Wright of constructors Laings; David Kay, general manager of Daniel Thwaites and Jane and John Armstrong, manager and manageress of the new establishment.

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