As technology develops, speed cameras are getting smarter. And that means, more people are getting caught.

The Department for Transport revealed that all speed cameras were to be painted yellow by October 2016.

This should make most of them easier to see, but what if a speed camera was practically invisible because of how far away it is?

Well, they exist.

How far can a speed camera catch you?

Long Ranger mobile speed cameras

These new cameras are an advancement upon current speed camera technology and have an impressive range of over 1km, which has seen them dubbed the ‘Lone Ranger’. 

It is the longest-distance speed enforcer on UK roads.

The camera can also be used for recording drivers not wearing seatbelts and people using the phone while driving.

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RAC road safety spokesperson Pete Williams said: “Although this new long-range camera could be used to enforce illegal mobile phone use or tailgating, it’s primary use will no doubt be to catch speeding drivers, if indeed it becomes more widely used by forces.

“Some drivers will inevitably end up being very surprised when a notice of intended prosecution letter arrives on their doormat when they felt they had managed to slow down enough after spotting a police car in the distance.”

What is the penalty for speeding?

The minimum penalty for speeding is generally a £100 fine and three points on your licence.

If it's a first offence and you don't have points on your licence, you could be offered a speed awareness course instead of penalty points.