A borough council has been handed £10,000 funding from Historic England towards its market regeneration project.

Rossendale Borough Council has secured the funds towards its Haslingden Connected project which aims to develop the the town centre’s conservation area.

A council spokesperson said: “Haslingden Connected will look at things like wayfinding through the town centre and better connecting one attraction to another, for example, the market to the Big Lamp events square.

“The plan is to use things like public art, signage, and other creative ways of linking one place to another in order to make all of the projects more easily connected.”

The grant from Historic England’s Regional Capacity Funding will be supported by a £7,500 from the borough council.

The Big Lamp Project – which is looking to regenerate Higher Deardengate – is about to enter its second phase with the grant-aided renovation of two more shop fronts.

There are also talks going ahead with two other businesses where work will begin in the summer. A one-way system is to be introduced on Higher Deardengate too.

The £500,000 refurbishment of Haslingden Market is hoped to be completed by early June.