A man who sold class A drugs for five months during summer and tried to blame it all on his teenage accomplice has been jailed.

Preston Crown Court heard Adeel Hussain, 33, pleaded not guilty to a conspiracy to supply class A drugs, such as crack cocaine, over five months in the summer of 2022.

The case went to trial where a jury found Hussain guilty, while his co-defendant Hamzah Khan, 19, pleaded guilty at the start of the trial.

Prosecutor Sam Roxborough told the court both Hussain, of Corporation Street, Accrington, and Khan, of no fixed abode, were found buying 'top-up cards' for their phones used to organise the drug deals.

The court heard that during the trial, Hussain blamed Khan for the dealing, stating Khan dealt drugs in front of Hussain without his knowledge.

But evidence revealed there was contact between the two regarding drugs, with evidence showing both men travelled to Yorkshire and Manchester together for the operation.

However, the jury saw through Hussain's lies and found him guilty of the drug dealing charge.

Hussain, who has two previous convictions including an assault charge in 2013, for which he received a suspended sentence, and for possession to supply cannabis, crack cocaine and heroin, for which he was jailed for almost four years.

In mitigation for Hussain, Jonathan Lally told the court whilst the defendant maintains his innocence, he has "resigned his fate as he knows he's going to prison".

He said: "The defendant has been using time well as a full-time cleaner in prison, including taking industrial cleaning courses in his short time in custody.

"It has been a significant process despite him being limited in what he can do.

"He is the father of four-year-old son, with his wife currently six months pregnant.

"She has had complications with pregnancy before, and the fact he won't be there to support his family is an eternal regret.

"He is receiving support in prison, for depression, anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks."

Judge Andrew Jefferies KC sentenced Hussain to five years in prison for the offences.

He said: "Simply put, for five months you and your co-defendant simply were selling drugs, and were drug dealers.

"You were captured purchasing top-ups for your phones that you used to sell drugs. You blamed the other co-defendant for that, in ignorance. 

"The phones revealed over 1,000 contacts that you used to make deals during that period.

"The jury rejected bogus reasons you made the journeys to Manchester and Yorkshire."

Judge Jeffries said the case had some aggravating features, such as it being a repeat offence, and his co-defendant, Khan, being a juvenile at the time.

However, he saw his sentence reduced due to his good behaviour in custody and his personal "very sad circumstances" concerning his family.

Khan will be sentenced on Thursday, May 9.