A SUBURBAN shop is set to get a new frontage and two new flats.

Irfan Hussain has applied for planning permission for the upgrade to 228 Blackburn Road in Accrington.

He wants to change the basement, first and second floors into two self-contained flats and instal new shop fronts and shutters on the ground floor.

A supporting statement submitted with his application to Hyndburn Council says: "The premises is an end terraced property, probably constructed at the turn of the last century, constructed out of a local natural stone finished using standard construction.

"Slate tiles to the roof with a dormer located on the side-hipped roof slope.

"The proposal is for a change of use to two self-contained flats located in the lower ground, first and second floor.

"The ground floor shop premises are to remain as commercial use.

"The shop is situated on a main road.

"The property sits in a predominantly residential area with another commercial premised located on the other side of the terraced row.

"The proposal will have a positive impact on the vitality and viability of this local area providing a specialised service.

"The proposed use will not only contribute to the vitality of the area it will not cause harm through intensification of traffic or cause nuisance for local residents.

"The use of the premises will be partly changed to self-contained flats.

"The shop at ground floor level is to remain as existing.

"The proposed changes will not look out of character as there are many premises in the surrounding area of a similar proposal.

"The scale of the development is compatible with the surrounding shop units – there would be no extensions to the built form.

"The existing shopfronts are to be replaced as they are in poor condition.

"All bedrooms to meet the minimum housing standards requirements.

"Access to the shop is on level ground making it accessible to all and compliant with the building regulations.

"The proposed change of use does not have any parking attached to the property however there are unmarked bays to the side on Tremellen Street.

"The premises are sat on a bus route and have easy access to public transport.

"Good accessibility with on street parking without any road markings in neighbouring street.

"The premises are a short distance from the train station.

"The shop is on a ground level and pedestrianised immediately along the frontage so there would be no conflict with pedestrians and motorised vehicles."