When is a hate march not a hate march? When it is made up of a bunch of thugs, apparently.

Earlier this week a group of blokes gathered in central London to hold a St George’s Day celebration. This predictably descended into chaos.

Before we go on, let’s be perfectly clear. I am all for St George’s Day and wear the flag with pride. We also know these group of louts are not representative of the 55 million English people who reside on this wonderful bit of space.

Now, for the past six months all we have been hearing about are senior politicians calling out what have been peaceful ‘stop the war’ protests. Millions have marched over and over again and there have been a handful of arrests. Quite a remarkable statistic despite what anyone says.

In fact, the marches have been made up of old people and children of all backgrounds, religions and cultures.

Then we had a few people few hundred people turn out to show people how much they loved the flag and all hell broke loose. It wasn’t the first time either. Remember that time they went to defend the cenotaph and ended up having a scrap?

I, like many others, was waiting for Suella Braverman and others to be hauled before the cameras to condemn these actions. 

But then that didn’t happen. It didn’t make the front pages and nor did the Prime Minister do that podium speech, where we think he about to say something really important.

So, what we are saying is that – thugs having a kick off in the middle of the week when they should be at work is ‘okay’ but thousands marching on a weekend calling for the government to stop arming a regime which is bombing kids is ‘wrong’.

A very similar story is playing on the campuses in America where students have taken it upon themselves to call out the rank hypocrisy of their own government over the continued bombing of Gaza.

In the sixties and seventies the parents and grandparents of these kids were taking the same brave actions when it came to Vietnam war.  Back then they were scoffed at, by the generation before them and made out to be some sort of ‘traitors’. 

A whole generation grew up facing up to the notion they were being lied to. Then, they got old, piled on some pounds and ended up getting an overdraft.

I say, thank god for ‘Gen Z’ who are reminding their parents the values they may have lost. They are not letting humanity down, that’s for sure.