Ozzy Moysey can scarcely hide his enthusiasm and pride, recalling the making of Ancient Infinity Orchestra’s debut album, River of Light, released to critical acclaim on Matthew Halsall’s Gondwana Records label.

And you sense that this vibrant young composer is having the time of his life as he looks forward to a much-anticipated headline slot at next weekend's Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues festival from May 3-6.

Lancashire Telegraph: Ozzy Moysey

“It was such a joyous occasion, one of the most moving and satisfying things I’ve ever done,” said the band leader.

“Recording can be a big pressure, paying for studio time and all sorts of things going on, but it was a mellow and sociable occasion, a celebration of togetherness in a perfect environment.

“We inspired each other and had the album finished in three days.”

He adds: “It is warm and honest communal music made by friends so to receive all the national plaudits we did for River of Light was incredibly special.”

There’s plenty going on in the Ancient Infinity Orchestra, there’s 14 of them after all, with the collective boasting drums, two bassists, keyboards, harp, violin, cello, two tenors, alto, oboe, flute, saxophonist – with Moysey pulling it all together.

His compositions provide the heartbeat for River of Light - and Moysey is already aiming high with the next record.

“When we did River of Light last year, I said the next album is going to be even better and it is,” he added.

“We finished recording it last week and I’m convinced the best is yet to come from this orchestra.

“There can be hurdles, like the practicalities of getting gigs for such a large band.

“We’ve five parents in the orchestra, so it is a big commitment, but everybody has come together to forge this incredible and instinctive bond through their love of music.

“Growing up, I loved loud heavy rock guitar bands like Motorhead and AC/DC, but I can just as easily tune in to a good musical, the Sound of Music for example, and I’m obsessed with the American jazz bassist Charlie Mingus, so I find that everything inspires me.”

Halsall’s taste-making Gondwana Records has emerged as a vital influence in the UK jazz scene.

The Manchester label has nurtured the talents of Go Go Penguin, Mammal Hands, saxophonist Jasmine Myra and many more.

‘Matthew Halsall came to see us play and Gondwana decided that we were a bit too cosmic for them,” said Moysey.

Lancashire Telegraph: Ancient Infinity Orchestra

“Maybe they thought that we were a bit of a risk, perhaps too experimental, but our music has evolved to become more melodic and gentler, so Gondwana came back and signed us.

“Going to Gondwana has enabled our music to be shared to a global audience and now promoters are wanting to book us up for gigs instead of us contacting them and that’s nice because it takes some of the pressure away.”

Before their Sunday headline show at the Grand (May 5) tickets holders can enjoy a special jazz workshop with the orchestra.

“We are really looking forward to that, and people can hang out with us, and just chat about music and enjoy the vibe – it is going to be a great festival.”

Tickets – including the festival freedom passes – from www.thegrandvenue.co.uk. The festival runs from May 3 to 6 with venues across Clitheroe staging live performances