AN East Lancashire MP has backed the creation of a new government regulator for English Football saying it will preserve the soul of the game,

Hyndburn Conservative backbencher Sara Britcliffe spoke Parliament on Tuesday as the House of Commons backed the legislation that will set it up.

During the Second Reading of the Football Governance Bill she said: "The recent events around changes to the FA cup show just how pressing this and the establishment of the independent regulator are.

"Football is not just a game in our country; it is woven into the fabric of all of our communities.

"The crux of the issue lies in the financial disparities that have grown ever starker over the decades.

"The Premier League, while a global success, has seen its financial might grow exponentially, far outpacing the rest of the pyramid. That imbalance is not merely a matter of elite success, but a structural issue that endangers the viability of clubs across all levels.

"The establishment of an independent regulator is a measure long overdue.

"We must also address the need for fair distribution of revenues.

"The financial gulf between the Premier League and the English Football League has become a chasm.

"Reforms in revenue sharing and financial regulations are necessary to prevent smaller clubs from financial catastrophe.

"In supporting the bill, we are acting to preserve the soul of football in England.

"This is about more than business; it is about ensuring that the joy, excitement and community spirit that football brings are not lost to financial mismanagement and unchecked commercial appetites.

"It would be remiss of me if I did not mention my local club, Accrington Stanley, which is one of the 12 founding members of the football league.

"What people remember is that in 1962 it had to resign its position from the football league and subsequently went into liquidation in 1966. That was not common then.

"Unfortunately, we are now seeing it happen with many of our clubs.

"I have spoken with the owner of my club Andy Holt about this legislation more times than I can remember.

"He is clear, as am I, that if we are to protect clubs lower down the leagues, we need not only to give them a level playing field, but to provide them with the space to invest in their communities,"

Speaking afterwards Miss Britcliffe said said: “Football clubs are part of our heritage and play a big part in our lives offering a release of so many emotions for people up and down the country.

“I am lucky to represent a great club in my constituency.

"It is run by local people and is at the heart of the community."