A vacant pub once popular with football fans could find a new future as an antique furniture repair workshop.

Graeme Philips is seeking to convert the historic Angel Inn at 80 Accrington Road in Burnley.

The ground floor would become a furniture workshop while he would live in the flat above.

Mr Philips has applied to Burnley Council for planning permission for the conversion.

A covering letter submitted with the application says: "The Angel Inn is a public house which shares a frontage with both Accrington Road and Burnham Gate.

"The terraced property sits at the meeting of these two roads on a small roundabout, which is near three other key gateway areas for Burnley.

"The Angel Inn dates back to the 1800s and is known, in part, for its association with football fans of Burnley Football Club.

"Above the public house is a residential flat which will be occupied by the applicant.

"The proposed development comprises the change of use of a public house to an antique furniture repair workshop, which comprises the storage of materials on-site and the various processes involved in mending and restoring furniture.

"All processes involved with the furniture repair are to be done with hand tools and small machines. No large or industrial machines will be used and the workshop will be solely operated by the applicant

"In terms of the yard to the rear of the Angel Inn, there is an existing external seating area which is proposed to be removed.

"Antique furniture will be taken via this area into the building.

"The scale of the operation is very low key.

"The pub closed in April 2023.

"The marketing for this building has taken place over a continuous period in various forms.

"It has been demonstrated that there is no interest in operating this building as a public house.

"It is understood that the public house closed due to a downturn in revenue. It is clear that the pub is no longer viable.

"The area is well serviced by other public house provisions.

"The change of use of a prominent building adjacent to key gateways would enhance the overall street scene and help to further diversify the local economy in a sustainable location."