A MAN went round to another man's house and demanded money.

Blackburn magistrates heard Azhar Khan said he would give the victim half an hour to get some cash or he would return and smash up his car.

He did return, armed with a cricket bat, and carried out the threat.

Khan, 28, of Southwell Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to causing £650 worth of damage to an Audi Q5 belonging to Muhammed Fiaz. He was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Deputy District Judge David Gittins said Khan had gone to someone's house and demanded money "for whatever reason" and then returned with a weapon.

"It must have been very scary for the aggrieved," he said.

Scott Parker, prosecuting, said Khan knocked on the victim's door at 10.30pm and asked for money.

"The aggrieved asked why he was asking him for money and was given the ultimatum that he would be given half an hour to get the cash or the defendant would return and smash up his car," said Mr Parker.

"When he returned he was wearing different clothing and had covered his face. He was carrying a cricket bat and used it to attack the car and break a downstairs window."

David Lawson, defending, said his client had recently had mental health issues.