POLICE who entered a house because of concerns about the electricity meter being bypassed discovered a cannabis production set-up in the attic.

Blackburn magistrates heard Artur Burghardt was already subject to a suspended prison sentence imposed by the Crown Court for an identical offence.

Burghardt, 34, of Every Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to cultivation of cannabis. He was committed on bail to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced on May 21.

Victoria Forest, prosecuting, said the suspended sentence had been imposed by the Crown Court in March 2023 for 12 months and the latest offence was committed in November. She said police forced entry to the defendant's property because of concerns that the electricity meter was being bypassed.

"In the attic area they found 22 cannabis plants under cultivation with a full hydroponic set-up," said Mrs Forest.

She said that in a prepared statement Burghardt said the cannabis was being grown for personal use.