The story behind the 'helmet of the future' is being showcased at the BAE Systems site in Warton.

The facility is the setting for the latest episode of the award-winning Eurofighter Typhoon YouTube series The Fighter Show. 
The episode takes a behind-the-scenes tour of the site to find out the inside story of Striker II – the helmet of the future, designed to be worn by Typhoon fighter pilots.
The show is hosted by Eurofighter’s Flo Taitsch, who gives an expert view on Striker II from former RAF Typhoon pilot and now BAE Systems test pilot, Andrew “Blyty” Mallory-Blythe.

Lancashire Telegraph:
Blyty explains the helmet’s capabilities as the world’s only full-colour solution with integrated night vision. He says it gives pilots unparalleled situational awareness. 
He adds: “The feature I like the most on Striker II is the night vision camera – it merges with the tactical symbology capabilities, reducing the need for heavy night vision goggles.
“One of the most important things for pilots when it comes to helmets is protection – we’ve put a lot of design and development into Striker II. From making it lighter in weight to supporting the display of high-resolution sensor systems, allowing pilots to see through the body of the aircraft – it is the helmet of the future.”

Putting the Striker II to the test, Blyty is filmed taking a test flight, with Flo experiencing the roar of the Typhoon engine, from the side of the Warton runway. 
Later in the episode, Flo visits BAE Systems Rochester in Kent, to talk to the team who designed and built Striker II.
He also gets the chance to experience Striker II for himself in a simulator flight. Flo said: “It was fascinating to try out Striker II and to experience the impressive capabilities in the simulator. It is comfortable with incredible functionality – a super helmet.”
Launched in 2023, The Fighter Show is a world-first YouTube series owned and produced by Eurofighter Typhoon.

The Fighter Show is broadcast fortnightly and episodes have attracted over 500,000 views.