A SENIOR East Lancashire MP has warned that recent Parliamentary scandals make the House of Commons look like it is 'full of perverted sex pests, tax evaders and people with the self-awareness and judgment of a broad bean'.

Former Tory chairman and Rossendale and Darwen backbencher Sir Jake Berry has condemned the lifestyle of some of his Westminster colleagues.

Writing in the Sunday Express Sir Jake said: "In the last few weeks one Conservative MP, William Wragg, has been forced to step down from his Parliamentary duties after having to admit he had sent naked photos of himself to someone he had never met.

"The Fylde MP, Mark Menzies, has been accused of using tens of thousands of pounds of campaign funds for personal expenses including to pay off ‘bad people’ that had locked him up in a flat after a night out that appears to have gone horribly wrong.

"If true, whilst both men deny any wrongdoing, they point to a lifestyle being pursued by some of our MPs that is as alien to me as inhabiting another planet.

"This sort of extraordinary behaviour is not limited to the Conservative Party. The former CEO of the Scottish National Party Peter Murrell has been charged for embezzlement by police in Scotland.

"In Greater Manchester, police have also launched multiple lines of enquiries into the historic tax affairs of Labour’s Angela Rayner.

"In total, 18 MPs have lost their party whip in Parliament, meaning that for one reason or another they have been permanently or temporarily excluded from their political party.

"When I was Conservative Party Chairman under Liz Truss, one of my key objectives was to clean up this corrupted and broken system.

"One of the worst parts of the most recent scandal is that Conservative Campaign Headquarters knew about this for three months yet seemingly did nothing.

"Other political parties are no better and a culture of cover-up and protecting your own pervades Westminster.

"Understandably the public hates this.

"It reinforces their view that ‘it's one rule for them and one rule for everyone else’. Sadly, they are right.

"The public would be forgiven for thinking the House of Commons is full of perverted sex pests, tax evaders and people with the self-awareness and judgment of a broad bean.

"Being an MP is, a privilege, not a right.

"MPs cannot expect to act in any way they like and get away with it.

"On all sides of the House, I have fantastic colleagues who hold themselves to the high standard the public rightly expect of us.

"However, we must accept that a few bad apples are rotting the barrel.

"It’s time for a new system that roots out wrongdoers to restore people’s faith in our politics."