I hope I am not the only one to be alarmed at a report which has found that nearly a quarter of five to seven year olds have their own mobile phone.

Whatever happened to childhood? At that age children should be encouraged to use their imaginations, discover the world and themselves in their own way. Playing out and, forgive me for sounding old fashioned, reading are ways to inspire and engage young minds.

Why on earth would a five year old need a smart phone (and let’s face it that’s what the majority of devices will be)?

There’s the whole security side to consider. We’re constantly being told of the dangers posed by technology so what do parents do - hand over a potential ‘weapon’ to a child.

People are so quick to plead poverty and harp on about a cost of living crisis. And yet, they can afford unnecessary phones.

You only have to see families out and about. The phone has become an easy babysitter to allow mum and dad to carry on drinking/behave as if they have no children.

Impossible to enforce I know but it would be better if an age limit was put on mobile phones.

And to parents thinking about it. Just don’t. Buy your child a book and read it with them instead.