Members of the armed forces visited a Gurudwara to celebrate connections between the military service and local communities. 

Guided by two officers from the British Army's 22 MMR (Multi-Role Medical regiment) Fulwood Barracks, a contingent of 14 soldiers arrived at the Guru Nanak Gurudwara Singh Sabha based on Bow Lane in Preston.

Soldiers mingled with members of the Sikh Sangat (congregation), exchanging stories, sharing served meals called 'langar', and participating in religious ceremonies. 

Soldiers gained insight into the 'rich cultural heritage and religious practices of the Sikh community', while Sikhs gained a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices and challenges faced by those in uniform.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The army's visit to the Gurudwara also aimed to instil confidence among Amrit Dhari (baptised) Sikhs and all practicing Sikhs to serve while upholding their religious articles, including the 5 Kakaars, also known as the 5Ks.

Lancashire Telegraph:

An organiser said: "The Sikh community is renowned for its principles of equality, selflessness, and service to humanity, which resonates deeply with the ethos of military service, characterised by sacrifice, duty, and honour.

"It was great to discuss the community initiatives that Sikh volunteers are engaged in, such as providing Gurmukhi classes and operating the Guru Nanak Kitchen, which offers free meals to those in need in Preston town centre every Sunday. 

"The army officers demonstrated interest in discussing the ongoing construction and renovation at the Gurudwara, emphasising the importance of maintaining and enhancing community spaces for worship and gatherings. 

"Beyond the immediate impact of this singular event, the army's visit to the Gurudwara serves as a shining example of how seemingly disparate groups can come together, celebrate their differences, and find strength in their shared humanity."