A train station in Blackburn is to continue playing classical music after a trial found it helped to deter anti-social behaviour.

Train operator Northern began a trial playing music inspired by composers such as Beethoven and Mozart at nine stations in 2022, which was then rolled out to another 26, including Mill Hill station.

The trial was aimed at preventing loitering, vandalism and graffiti at stations, and customers have said the music made them feel safer at the stations involved in the trial, as large groups had stopped gathering there regularly and causing a nuisance.

Northern teams at the stations play music at certain times of the day to tackle anti-social behaviour, and also control the volume so as not to disturb nearby residents.

Due to the success of the trial, stations including Mill Hill will continue to play the music, while other tools to combat anti-social behaviour are also being invested in, and Northern is looking at rolling out music to more stations across its network.

Tricia Williams, chief operating officer at Northern, said: “We’re pleased to have found an innovative and effective way of deterring anti-social behaviour.

“Following the successful trial, we will continue playing classical music at these stations and look to introduce it at others in the coming months.

“We want all of our customers to feel safe and secure when they travel and this approach, along with other investments we are making, is working well.” 

Northern is also investing in 600 new CCTV cameras at its stations, having already installed 7,000 cameras on its trains and investing £1.7 million on body-worn cameras for staff.