The independent provider bringing better broadband to Lancashire is on a mission to make their message loud and clear. They feel that many of the “usual suspects” are conducting themselves in a way that is borderline criminal.

When you unpack the evidence, it becomes abundantly clear that they can substantiate every argument that they’ve put forward. 

The numbers don’t lie.

Many customers with other suppliers, for residential and business services have recently been hit with price hikes which have come completely out of the blue. The usual explanation is that these unexpected mid-contract price hikes are inflationary related. Well, that’s a rather feeble excuse. In fact, it’s not an excuse. It’s a complete cop-out. You can be sure you’ll never experience a mid-contract price hike with brsk. That’s a promise.  

Lancashire Telegraph: The team at brsk undertaking community initiativesThe team at brsk undertaking community initiatives (Image: brsk)
Arresting the progression of fake fibre.

Most people don’t realise that the line into their homes is actually outdated copper. The team at brsk have been on a big drive to debunk the idea of all fibre broadband being the same. What sets brsk apart is that they provide full fibre to the premises, also known as FTTP. It’s super reliable, seriously robust, and it’s all about speed.

Speaking of speed, it’s reassuring to know that brsk’s broadband gives you symmetrical speed. Your upload speeds are identical to your download speeds, perfect for gaming, streaming, sharing large files and enjoying buffer-free Zoom calls.

There is such a thing as Mr Nice Guy.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, brsk really stands out. One look at their Trustpilot score says it all. At the time of writing, they were at an impressive 4.7/5. 

Lancashire Telegraph: brsk's community engagement work with childrenbrsk's community engagement work with children (Image: brsk)
The Robin Hood of broadband.

The brsk team have made broadband seriously affordable for everyone. Here’s proof: just £23pm for a 100Mbps connection, £28pm for a 500Mbps connection and £32pm for a 900Mbps connection on a 24-month contract. You can even add their all-new TV offering, for just £10pm. 

Keeping your neighbourhood crime free.

Brsk is continuously growing its full fibre network to bring better broadband to more homes across the UK, and already covers large parts of East Lancashire. Currently more than 100,000 homes and businesses could order right now and expect to be installed in a matter of days. 

Ready for the BetterNet? Check the coverage and place an order at

*Packages only available to new customers when signing up on a 24-month contract before 30 April 2024.