A ‘predatory’ female prison librarian left inmates fearful after grabbing their genitals while describing her love for ‘swingers parties’ and ‘lesbian sex’, a court heard.

Sharon Mawdsley, 46, "acted like an animal” by molesting prison inmates on dozens of occasions while working part-time at HMP Kirkham, prosecutors said.

Preston Crown Court heard how she would act professionally around her colleagues but speak in a “highly sexualised and crude manner” after they left in the evenings.

But prosecutors allege she went far further than describing her erotic pleasures to inmates and had also groped their penises frequently between 2017 and 2018.

One inmate described how Mawdsley grabbed hold of his penis and testicles over his clothing while he was wearing lose fitting jogging bottoms.

And on another occasion, he said that she told him: “I would love to get your c***”, leaving him shocked and "uncomfortable".

Another inmate at the prison was said to have endured a similar pattern of behaviour, alleging that Mawdsley grabbed his penis from behind.

The defendant previously pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public officer after admitting to having a relationship with a third inmate.

But she denies six further counts of sexual assault involving the two inmates - who can't be named for legal reasons - over a period of six months.

David Bentley, prosecuting, said: “She was viewed as dangerous and a predator with men.

“She would talk about having swinger parties, lesbian sex in front of her husband and was involved in group sex.

“[Her victims were] frightened to death about being ‘sh*t out’, which appears to mean... worried about being transferred out of Kirkham prison for a sexual activity that was not of [their] making.”

Mr Bentley said one inmate raised his initial complaints about Mawdsley during his conversation with both a prison chaplain and his probation officer in April 2018.

And he was encouraged to contact the police where he detailed multiple occasions in which the defendant had touched his genitals over his clothing.

He described how he had become a serving prisoner at HMP Kirkham in July 2017.

But not long after he began his time in this position, he recalled how Mawdsley would share intimate details of her personal sexual interests.

Giving evidence today (Mon), one alleged victim said: “She would always talk about sex and what porn channels she would be watching and what she would like sexually with her husband and talk about her two kids. 

“She said, ‘I would love to get your c***’. She watched YouTube, she said she liked girls. 

"I hated it to be honest. I have not had many sexual partners. It just made me feel uncomfortable.”

Prosecutors described how it appeared that the discomfort inmates showed when she talked about her sexual interests did not dissuade her. 

In fact, they believed she found it “more attractive and more arousing the more uncomfortable she made him feel.”

And these discussions progressed into actions when Mawdsley began to physically touch him first on the bottom and then on the genitals in January 2018.

Mr Bentley said: “During this time, the defendant walked past and slapped [the victim] on the backside. 

"And due to the defendant's continual sexualised comments, he interpreted the slap as a flirtatious and sexual one.

“Later that same day, [the victim] went into the kitchen, within the library area itself, in order to get himself a drink.

"As he was doing so, he became aware of somebody entering the kitchen.

“As he turned, whilst he was holding his drink, he saw the defendant standing in front of him. 

“Without any interaction between them, the defendant grabbed hold of his penis over his clothing. At the time he was wearing loose-fitting jogging bottoms.”

Mr Bentley described another occasion where the defendant sexually assaulted the man again in a similar manner.

Later, the inmate admitted to wearing a pair of jeans and a belt each time he was in the library to protect himself somewhat from the defendant's advances.

The prosecutor said Mawdsley targeted another inmate, who was a prisoner at HMP Kirkham from March 19, 2018.

Mr Bentley said this man had witnessed her describing her interests in “swinger parties, lesbian sex in front of her husband and was involved in group sex.”

And he said on one occasion, the defendant had sat next to him while wearing a skirt and moved her legs wide open.

She then squeezed the top of his leg and moved her hand toward his crotch.

On another occasion, she also followed him into the kitchen area, where prosecutors allege she grabbed his penis over his clothing.

 Mawdsley was interviewed by police on December 7, 2018, where she told officers through her solicitor she “did not find either man sexually attractive”. 

She then offered ‘no comment’ to further questions before she admitted misconduct in a public office and denied further accusations of sexual assault.

The trial continues.