Non-Muslims who fasted for a day during Ramadan have revealed some of the challenges they faced taking part in the campaign.

The project ‘I’m Not A Muslim but I will Fast for one day’ invites people from local organisations to fast during the month of Ramadan.

This year, fasts were a little shorter, with the Iftar taking place at around 6.30pm. Ramadan began on March 10 and is due to end this week, when the festival of Eid will be celebrated.

The campaign run by One Voice saw people from a range of background take part.

Serie Davies from the TK Maxx branch in Blackburn fasted for the first time.
She said: “I took part in support of my Muslim colleagues.

"I feel it was important that I got involved as I work alongside many people that fast every year and I have always been intrigued with how they do it so well each year. I wanted to share the experience.

“The day went well. I closed my fast with a cup of coffee and a glass of water. And I opened it with some lovely food from One Voice.”

Eighteen members of Clitheroe Smiley Explorers and some of their parents participated in the campaign and fasted for a day.

They told said: “We took part in the campaign to help us understand the beliefs and values of another faith, and to share the experience with our friends and colleagues.”

The National Festival of Making, Cllr Vicky McGurk, McM Accounting and Electricity North West also took part. 

Lancashire Telegraph: The McM Accounting and The National Festival of Making teams

Lancashire Telegraph:

Cllr McGurk said, “I’m very proud to take part in this year’s campaign and show my support and appreciation to my Muslim friends and colleagues in the community.

"There is so much that unites us and as one community getting a different perspective is very powerful.” 

Staff members from Pleckgate High School, Crosshill School and Spring Hill School in Accrington fasted for one day. 

Jenny Savage who is Head of RE, World Views and PSHE at Pleckgate High School said, “I take part in this campaign because I think it is important especially when I am working in a school with so many Muslim students.

"I expect them to turn up and work hard but I need to be mindful of how difficult this can be whilst fasting and the only way to truly understand this is to fast myself.”

Christine Seddon has fasted as part of the campaign since its inception. 
This year she fasted alongside colleagues at Darwen Asylum and Refugee Enterprise (DARE) Drop In. 

She said: “DARE volunteers are fasting to support our refugees who have suffered discrimination in their own countries. 

“These groups have been denied safety, food, water, education, childhood, family life or dignity. Fasting for a day reminds us of our safety, freedom friendships and food on our table."

Sundas Bakhat from One Voice Blackburn said: “The aim of this project is more than just building community cohesion, although that is a large part of it. It’s about building and sustaining cohesive communities and understanding our local community.”