A prolific burglar barged into his victim's house, sat on the sofa and threatened them with a knife.

Dale Thomason burgled three houses in Preston over three days in August 2023.

In one incident he tried to steal a TV which was mounted on a wall in one property, while in another he stole designer trainers, and then made threats while waving a knife at one of his victims. 

Thomason, 29, was sentenced at Preston Crown Court to eight years and four months in prison.

The offences were committed over a three-day period in August last year.

On August 19, Thomason broke into a house on Brixton Road, stealing an iPhone, a watch, a pair of Louis Vuitton trainers and a safe which contained jewellery.

The other offences happened on August 21, Thomason burgling a house in Isherwood Street while the householder was in. He tried to remove a television off the wall and stole a purse.

He later knocked on the door of a house in West Cliff Terrace and when the door was opened, barged his way in and sat on the sofa.

Thomason then produced a knife when he was told to leave, making threats.

The final offence was at a house on Riverside, Preston, with Thomason stealing two laptops, a bike, jewellery, and Euros currency.

He was arrested later that day having been identified from CCTV footage.

Thomason, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to threatening a person with an offensive weapon in a private place, three charges of burglary of a dwelling house, and common assault.

Det Con Dave Hanna of the South Burglary Team, said: “Thomason targeted homes to burgle for his own gain and gave no thought to the people who lived there.

“People are entitled to view their home as a safe place. We aim to bring to justice those who burgle houses and inflict misery on those who they steal from.

“We are pleased that Thomason has received a lengthy prison sentence from the court, and it should act as a deterrent to others.”