The human body is an amazing thing but if you ever thought otherwise, a trip to see OVO will forever dispel any lingering doubts.

It will also leave you feeling wholly inadequate and feeble as this United Nations of hand-picked performers astound, astonish and amaze in a show that will leave you with a warm glow in your heart.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cirque du Soleil OVO

OVO is entertainment of the highest order as you are welcomed into the eco system of insects and bugs happily going about their business. The insect world is the perfect setting for Cirque du Soileil's ensemble of acrobats, gymnasts, tumblers and skilled circus performers.

Every individual set piece will leave you stunned. There are times when you are left thinking 'did I really see that?' Performers scurry up 30 foot poles which emerge from the stage as though they are walking to the shops; a contortionist essentially folds herself in two with minimal effort; high above the arena floor artists are literally thrown from one platform to another performing twists and somersaults as they fly through the air.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Then there are the crickets who appear to walk up walls, throwing themselves off what is effectively a four-storey climbing wall to land on trampolenes below before bouncing back.

The performances are so mesmerising, so breathtaking that they are greeted with almost complete silence which takes a little getting used to. Rapturous applause breaks out when the artists complete their routines but it appears as though everyone is so transfixed by what is taking place in front of them, they are reduced to stunned silence.

Founded almost 40 years ago, Cirque du Soleil has been wowing audiences around the world virtually ever since and OVO will most certainly continue to enhance the company's reputation.

To be in Cirque du Soleil is a badge of honour. It attracts the best of the best and that shows.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cirque du Soleil OVO

The precision, strength and overall artistry on display is unlike any other show.

There is even a storyline to follow as the audience is immersed into the OVO ecosystem. There's a series of running jokes involving a fly and ladybird and what appears to be a bug with flatulence which helps ease the tension between some of the high risk routines.

The show also has the most effective soundtrack, much of it performed live on stage which adds to the fun.

The vast space of the arena has been transformed into a place of wonder. The cricket's 'wall of death' acts as a giant backdrop on to which shapes and forms are projected. The stage is constantly evolving with characters popping up through carefully concealed trap doors.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cirque du Soleil OVO

It's visually impressive and makes you forget where you are.

Unique is a much over-used word these days but Cirque du Soleil is just that.

OVO is at the AO Arena Manchester until Sunday.