A man who was jailed for nine years for subjecting his ex-partner to a brutal attack and stabbing her in front of his own child and several other children, has been sent back to prison. 

Daryl Dyson, who was in breach of a restraining order and was on prison licence when he carried out the vicious assault in Burnley, was put behind bars in 2019, but was released from prison in December last year – four and a half years after being sent down.

Burnley Crown Court heard just 10 days after getting his freedom back, but while again being subject to licence, and subject to a lifetime restraining order against his ex, the 30-year-old made contact with his former partner.

Prosecuting, Nicholas Flanagan told the court Dyson sent messages to his ex, saying he loved her and wanted to get back with her, but she told him she’d moved on and wanted no further contact.

Mr Flanagan said: “This agitated him, and he said he would come to Burnley and come to her property, and made reference to wanting to ‘bury her’.

“She was terrified. When she’d got wind that he was being released from prison she had CCTV installed at her home and extra security put in place as she was concerned about herself and her child.”

The court was told Dyson had also subjected his previous partner to harassment by sending her letters from his prison cell in 2020.

Dyson, who has more than 22 previous convictions for 56 offences, including robbery, battery, threatening behaviour and possession of offensive weapons, pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order.

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Jailing Dyson for 20 months, Judge Andrew Jefferies KC said: “In 2019 you viciously stabbed your victim, the victim in this case before me now, and in 2020 you harassed her.

“When you were released from prison in 2023, within 10 days you were again harassing her, putting you in breach of a lifetime restraining order.

“From her victim personal statement it’s obvious that when you contacted her she was terrified of you, as she would be.

“You made threats to bury her and this caused very serious harm and distress to her, and I repeat, she was terrified.”

As well as the 20 months in prison, Judge Jefferies said Dyson would still be subject to a lifetime restraining order against his ex, one which prohibited him from entering certain areas of Burnley.