An East Lancashire care home is using robot pets to bring companionship and calm to its residents living with dementia.

Belvedere Manor Care Home in Colne has been using the pets, which include robot cats and dogs, for around two years now, with staff saying they have seen some fabulous results in the reduction of anxiety and agitation among its residents.

The introduction of the robot pets was part of the MHA’s dementia strategy to aid in bringing companionship and calm to those suffering with the disease, and to encourage engagement between residents.

Lancashire Telegraph: June YoungJune Young (Image: Belvedere Manor Care Home)

Care Home manager, Gillian Powers, said: “The residents love the pets and we have seen some fabulous results in regard to the reduction in issues such as anxiety and agitation in residents living with dementia.

“Some people are not pet people and this is fine, but we have also had success with doll therapy and other distraction techniques.

“We use whatever suits the needs and likes and dislikes of the individual resident.”

The pets have proven popular at Belvedere Manor and have resulted in many benefits for those living there, and according to staff, the robots are there to stay.

Lancashire Telegraph: Peggy EasthamPeggy Eastham (Image: Belvedere Manor Care Home)

Ms Powers added: “We purchase the robot pets from the recommended supplier used by MHA.

“We have seen proven benefits in our home of the pets bringing companionship, friendship, comfort, sparking happy memories and conversation.

“We have also seen a reduction in agitation in a resident living with advanced dementia who also experienced falls due to agitation.

"Once she had a robotic pet to care for the risk of falls was massively reduced as her agitation was reduced.

"She cared for the dog as a real pet and it brought great comfort and companionship to her.”

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