A woman was left bemused after seeing her doormat had been stolen from outside her house in Blackburn.

Nasara Desi was confused after noticing her doormat was missing, despite all her neighbours in King Street still having theirs.

Still confused, she checked the footage on her Ring doorbell and was shocked to see the item being nabbed by two women walking by.

Nasara said: “It’s quite weird really. I’ve been here almost three years. My neighbour’s doormat is still there.

“I thought ‘someone must’ve nicked it’. I went back to the footage and saw two females. It’s very bizarre.

“It was funny but why would you take a doormat? Beats me.

“We do have a rough area at the bottom of the road where the old houses are. We do get people coming up and down using drugs and alcohol.”

Nasara posted the video on NextDoor to warn people about what had happened.

One commenter said: “My God, if it’s not nailed down people will steal anything.”

Nasara said she did not report the incident, which happened at around 10.30pm on March 20, to the police but just wants people to be on the lookout.