People in Blackburn say they are not disappointed over Morrisons scrapping plans for a new store in the town centre, citing other developments as priorities.

Ideas for the former Thwaites Brewery site, where the replacement store was set to be built, ranged from a free car park with coach access to a new theatre.

The supermarket giant dented the council’s £250m town centre regeneration plan by instead choosing to revamp the current Railway Road premises.

John Bury, of John’s Hardware in the market, said: “I want a purpose-built market hall there [former Thwaites site], with shops and cafes where we all have our own space that’s safe and secure.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“I’ve been robbed three times, it took me a year of nagging just to get a CCTV camera.”

Fellow market stallholder Helen Brooks believes the site should be used for parking, she said: “I think the parking is too expensive, we could benefit from having a few hours free.

“It might be good to have a coach park to get coaches into the town, we’ve got a good market, so if it was a bit more accessible for parking it would bring in more people.”

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Shopper George Osiowi echoed these thoughts, he said: “The fact you’re having to pay for car parking is keeping people away, the current Morrisons has three hours of free parking, so we think it’s fine as it is.”

Another man reported his disappointment with the state of parking, claiming “I wouldn’t come here and pay £5 to park or whatever it is.”

There are still calls for a new Morrisons store from some shoppers. Charlotte Smallwood said: “They should carry on plans as they are and just build it.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“We just need anything really, as long as it’s a new shop for the town, Blackburn is becoming a ghost town and it’s not fair.

“Wait until Marks and Spencer closes and that’s it, you won’t see anybody around town then.”

In November, Marks and Spencer announced it would be leaving Blackburn town centre for an out-of-town retail park being built by the Issa brothers.

The shock news regarding Morrisons comes despite a planning application for the new store having been submitted in January.

A spokeswoman for Morrisons said: "Due to rising construction costs the new store plans are no longer viable so we will be remaining in our current store in Blackburn."