An “ambitious” school where “everyone feels valued” has maintained its good Ofsted rating.

Audley Infant School in Queens Park Road, Blackburn, was visited by inspectors over two days on February 22 and 23 having been rated good at its previous inspection in 2018.

Inspectors noted the high expectations staff laid out for children and said they benefitted from the positive relationships they had with staff.

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The report said: “Pupils flourish at this welcoming school where everyone feels valued regardless of their differences.

"The school is ambitious for pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

“Across the curriculum, the school has carefully identified the key knowledge that pupils should learn and when this should be taught.

“Carefully considered support and resources help pupils with SEND access the curriculum and to progress through it well.

“In most subjects, teachers check on what pupils know and remember from previous learning. Teachers design learning activities that effectively build on what pupils already know.

"Across many subjects, pupils develop a deep body of knowledge and are well prepared for the next stage of education.”

Inspectors also said there were a small number of subjects where teachers did not have the subject knowledge they needed to teach the curriculum well.

The report said: “This means some teachers do not cover aspects of the curriculum in sufficient detail. This leads to some pupils having gaps in their knowledge.

“These gaps hinder pupil’s ability to make sense of new learning and they do not achieve as well as they should.”

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It was further noted that the school is considerate of staff’s workload and well-being when making policies and procedures, which helps them to teach the curriculum well.

Safeguarding arrangements for the school were deemed to be effective.

The school’s next inspection is likely to be within the next four years.