The hardest areas to pass you driving test in East Lancashire have been revealed in new latest data.

Statistics from the DVLA have revealed car driving test data broken down by test centre with statistics about the number of car driving tests, showing pass rates for each driving test centre by gender and ethnicity, and first-time passes.

Blackburn with Darwen comes in as the 217th easiest area to pass your driving test in, out of 327 listed test centres.

The town's figures show 6,281 tests were conducted in the past year, with 2,995 passes giving a 47.7 per cent pass rate.

The easiest area to take a driving test was listed as Benbecula, an island in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland, with 80 passes conducted and 71 passes, giving a pass rate of 88.8 per cent and highest in the United Kingdom.

Of the top 20 easiest places to pass, 18 were in Scotland, with the others being in the Isles of Scilly and Newtown in Wales; all had pass rates of above two-thirds.

At the other end of the scale was Plymouth LGV test centre, with a pass rate of just 16.9 per cent from 89 tests, followed by Swindon LGV centre at 17.5 per cent.

Wolverhampton is the hardest place to pass a car test, with a pass rate of 32.4 per cent from 11,225 tests.

The worst area to take your driving test in Lancashire is Blackpool, listed as the 297th easiest place to pass.

The driving centre had 5,057 tests in a one year period, and 2,096 passes, giving a pass rate of 41.4 per cent.

Other data from East Lancashire test centres included Nelson, at number 184 out of 327.

The data from Nelson consisted of 4,276 tests, 2,110 passes, giving a pass rate of 49.3 per cent.

Data from other driving centres in Lancashire, plus two in West Yorkshire which may be used by learners in the far east of Lancashire, included: 

  • Steeton, with 3,573 tests conducted, 1,800 passed, giving a pass rate of 50.4 per cent and ranking 165 out of 327
  • Skipton, with 2,132 tests conducted, 1,103 passed, giving a pass rate of 51.7 per cent and ranking 141 out of 327
  • Heysham, with 2,758 tests conducted, 1,520 passed, giving a pass rate of 55.2 per cent and ranking 93 out of 327
  • Chorley, with 2,785 tests conducted, 1,569 passed, giving a pass rate of 56.3 and ranking at 79 out of 327
  • Preston, with 8,415 tests conducted, 4,819 passed, giving a pass rate of 57.3 per cent and ranking 72 out of 327

 Across the UK, there were just shy of 1.4 million driving tests conducted, and of those 668,038 were successful, giving a national pass rate of 48.2 per cent.