A motorist has warned drivers are attempting to skip red lights at a busy Darwen road.

The incidents on the A666, Blackburn Road, have been filmed on dashcam and show a driver having to slow down as other vehicles attempt to join from a side road.

The motorist can clearly be seen travelling through green lights, as drivers turning onto the A666 from Earnsdale Road attempt to pull out, seemingly ignoring the lights which logic would suggest are on red.

The driver, who wished only to be known as Fred, shared the footage in the hope it will deter people from flouting the traffic lights and potentially causing a huge crash.

He said: “Three times now I have been going through green lights along the A666, heading towards the bottom of Earnsdale Road and Hollins Grove, and I've seen people emerging from said streets when clearly the lights would be on red.  

“Two were earlier in the year, then two more on March 15 - giving four drivers spotted.

"Clearly this might have become a bit of a habit for some local residents who are willing to chance it.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Fred added: “This has got to stop. It is illegal, dangerous and could cause a serious accident. Red lights are not optional, they mean do not proceed.

“Those of us with a dashcam can and do upload content to Operation Snap - the police website that allows them to review footage and issue penalty notices if they judge an offence has been committed.”

The video was also uploaded on the Dashcam Darwen account on YouTube.

Fred said he felt drivers were doing this intentionally and they were not ‘genuine mistakes'.

He added: “They are deliberate flouting of the rules that are there to keep us all safe on the road.

“Running a red light can result in a fine, points on your licence, a dangerous driving conviction and increased insurance premiums.”