Two police officers were hit by an electric motorbike which was being ridden at speed through the grounds of Clitheroe Castle.

While out on patrol in Clitheroe on Friday (March 22), officers received reports that an electric motorbike was being ridden dangerously in Clitheroe Castle grounds.

Shortly after receiving the report, the officers were 'hit' by the bike as it was being driven close to Henthorn Park.

Luckily the officers were not seriously hurt, but unfortunately the riders, of which there were two, managed to run from the scene.

The bike was seized, with officers now appealing for the two young men who were on the back of the bike to come forward.

Sgt Duncan Hall, of Ribble Valley police said: "Whilst out on anti-social behaviour foot patrol officers have received a report of an electric motorbike being ridden at speed in Clitheroe Castle grounds.

"Not long after it has then collided with officers close to Henthorn Park.

"Unfortunately both of the riders managed to run off but the bike has been seized.

"If these young men would like to come and try and claim the bike back, I will be happy to meet up with them.

"This is a heavy bike and could cause serious injury."