A woman threw a kitchen knife at a group of teenagers during a bizarre incident on her street.

Blackburn magistrates heard prior to the knife throw Jasmine Astin had been picked up by a man, put in a fireman’s lift and dumped in her own home.

She emerged with the knife shouting that she would stab the man and when the youths became involved she shouted that she would stab them during the disorder on December 14.

Astin, 31, of Laithe Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to possessing a knife in a public place and unlawfully threatening another person.

She was sent on bail to be sentenced on May 2 after the magistrates ruled their powers of punishment were insufficient.

Graeme Tindall, prosecuting, said neighbours heard a commotion from outside their home and looked out to see Astin arguing with a man.

“He picked her up, put her over his shoulder in a fireman’s life and put her in her house and shut the door,” said Mr Tindall.

“She emerged from the house carrying a knife and shouting that she would stab him. 

“There was a group of kids on the street who started to shout abuse,” said Mr Tindall.

“She lunged at the children and shouted that she would stab them.

“She then threw the knife at the children and a witness said it looked like she was trying to hurt them.”

Jonathan Taylor, mitigating, said the incident had started with his client being abused and then assaulted by the man who picked her up and threw her into her own home.

“In drink she has reacted badly,” Mr Taylor told the court. “She knows she should have stayed in the house and called the police.

“The children referred to were all teenagers who were abusing and laughing at her.” 

He said she threw the knife out of frustration.

“It wasn’t an attempt to hurt anyone,” said Mr Taylor. “One of the teenagers picked it up and threw it back at her.”