The redevelopment of Accrington Market Hall has been approved at a council planning meeting.

The proposal for the town’s Grade II listed market hall was discussed at the meeting on Wednesday (March 20) and was voted through by councillors.

The redevelopment includes external repairs and alterations to refurbish and improve the building; the change of use of the market to allow use for indoor retail and a play area; and the installation of three permanent external cabins for market trading.

A planning statement said: “These proposals celebrate and re-imagine the existing market hall and introduce diversified market uses alongside a condensed and consolidated retail offer. This includes food and beverage units, a community space, and a play facility for families with children.

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“The ground floor of the market hall will be zoned to provide the main market with retail units, food and beverage, and play space. The internal open area at the entrance of the market hall will also provide seating arranged around a central bar which will act as the dividing line between the retail and food and beverage spaces.

“The first floor will offer the community space, additional seating, and amenities such as toilets. The remainder of the balcony will be retained as retail kiosks, storage, and amenity space for the market traders.”

A public consultation was held on the draft Town Centre Investment Plan in 2022 with three public consultation events. A further stage of public consultation was held in October 2023.

It was said the planned investment, refurbishment, and reuse of the buildings within the town square will help to generate new footfall and increased activity in the town centre.

As well, the project will aim to minimise impact on existing businesses, working with those directly impacted with the aim of finding a plan that best fits their requirements.

Mohammed Younis, Hyndburn Borough Council’s cabinet portfolio holder for levelling up, said: “We’re looking to have some more traditional stalls there because it wouldn’t be a market without traditional stalls.

“Also we’re upgrading the food side of it, bringing it up to scratch so people can have a nice meal with their family, and there will be a small area for young children to play.

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“It’s a very beautiful building and a very historic building. We are spending around £11m on it so our future generations can enjoy the market, and we are supporting our market traders because they are the heart and soul of that hall.

“We are also expanding the car park outside so there will be more space for people to park their cars when they come into town.

“The market hall is the heart and soul of our town and that will remain there, and because of the renovation we are expecting it will do a roaring trade and keep that tradition going for a long time.”