An application to change the use of a two-storey house from a holiday let to a residential house has been refused.

The house is off Longsight Road, near Langho, via a driveway which serves a collection of other properties around Dewhurst Farm.

The applicants, Mr and Mrs Brelsford, said they feel the concentration of other holiday homes in the area has been detrimental to their business.

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A planning statement submitted to Ribble Valley Borough Council said: “The proposed scheme is for the change of use from a holiday let to a dwelling with unrestricted use.

“The desire to alter the business model of the holiday let has been brought out for financial reasons.

“The applicant understands that competition cannot be considered as a valid reason, but it is considered the concentration of holiday lets in this particular location is detrimental to the current business.

“This application does not involve any alterations to the external appearance of the current dwelling, nor does it include any changes to the existing access arrangements.”

The council refused permission for this change to take place, saying there was insufficient justification for a new residential dwelling.

A decision notice said: “The proposal development would introduce a new residential dwelling with unrestricted occupancy into the defined open countryside without sufficient justification, insofar that it has not been adequately demonstrated that the proposal would meet any of the exception criteria for allowing such new dwellings in the countryside.

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“Furthermore, the open countryside location of the application property means that future occupants would be reliant on private motor vehicles to access services and facilities.”

In a response from Billington and Langho Parish Council, they said allowing the change of use to go ahead could set a precedent for other buildings in the Dewhurst Farm development to become permanent residencies.

The applicants now have six months to appeal the council’s decision if they wish.