A sex offender who breached a suspended sentence order also harassed his former partner on multiple occasions.

Cailan Hackett, 27, was given a 15-month term of imprisonment, suspended for 10 months, in April last year.

However, a course of offending since then put him in breach of that order, resulting in this sentence hearing at Burnley Crown Court.

Hayley Bennett, prosecuting, said Hackett and his previous partner ended their on-off relationship on September 2.

Later that day, they bumped into each other near the Lidl supermarket in St Mary’s Close, Blackburn, and as they walked with each other, she accidentally clipped Hackett’s heel.

He turned around and threatened to push her into the road before walking away.

He then phoned her and said he would stay outside her address until he got a jacket back he had left there.

When she arrived home, Hackett was there, and she retrieved the jacket as well as some dishwasher tablets he said belonged to him.

He threw the tablets one by one at her window and proceeded to call her names such as a ‘slag’ and a ‘scruff’ before adding ‘watch, I’ll get someone to smash your head in.’

They met briefly in person the following day where he threatened to smash her windows.

On September 13, at around 8.40pm, Hackett appeared at her bedroom door and pulled out a knife, saying he would ‘use it on anyone who came after him.’

She told him to leave, and he put the knife away. After claiming she owed him £50, Hackett said he would ‘get her battered’ and he would ‘get people to run through her house'.

Once Hackett had left, the woman noticed several items, including an Amazon Fire Stick, a Roku TV box, and an Amazon Alexa had been taken.

In a victim personal statement, the woman said she had had trouble sleeping and was living in fear, having to check the window every time someone knocked on the front door.

Hackett was also appearing in court for failing to comply with notification requirements put on him following his previous conviction for sexual activity with a child under 16 and sexual communication with a child.

Following that conviction, he was placed on the sex offenders register until 2033.

Ms Bennett told the court that following the breakup of his relationship, Hackett had failed to inform the police of his change of address.

After a search in which officers at one stage believed Hackett was living in a tent, he was found at an address in Woodland Road, Blackburn, and confirmed he was staying there.

On September 12, Hackett assaulted the brother of his former partner in Blackburn town centre.

After overhearing the man tell his sister to watch who she hung around with, Hackett headbutted him, causing a chipped tooth.

He was bailed to attend Blackburn police station on October 26 but failed to attend.

In addition, Hackett was being sentenced for an offence of criminal damage, where he caused £3,500 worth of damage to a toilet while waiting to be transferred from Preston Crown Court to Blackburn Magistrates’ Court on July 3.

He also failed to surrender to court for this offence on November 10.

On November 30, while in a custody suite in Wigan, Hackett covered the camera in the room with wet tissue paper, which resulted in officers entering the room to remove it, and he kicked out at one of them.

On another occasion when they entered, he swung a fist towards the same officer and continued to kick out.

He also damaged a code of conduct book while in custody.

James Heyworth, mitigating, said it was a “rarity” to see so many matters take place over a “relatively short” period of time.

He added custody has prevented any further harm and performed a “significant reset” for his client.

Hackett, of Woodlea Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to three counts of failure to surrender, and single counts of breaching a suspended sentence order, failure to comply with notification requirements, harassment, theft, criminal damage, assault by beating of an emergency worker, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He has 18 convictions for 40 offences, including seven sex offences, four against property, five failures to surrender, and two criminal damage matters.

Sentencing, Judge Sara Dodd said: “I am dealing with you for a large number of offences and as you have already heard me say, had I been dealing with you for each of those offences individually and had you not had any previous convictions, then several of them would not have resulted in custody.

“I am satisfied, given the very low level of compliance and your repeated reoffending, that only activation in full can be justified."

Hackett was jailed for two years.