Dozens of untaxed and abandoned vehicles have been seized by police, from towns around Pendle.

Over the past two days, officers have assisted the DVLA and council in removing untaxed vehicles.

Fines have been issued and abandoned and suspected stolen cars have also been seized.

Here is a list of all that has been achieved by police, council and DVLA over the last few days.

Five fixed penalties were issued by police for obstruction, obscured number plate, and no MOT.

  • 43 vehicles were impounded for no tax by DVLA
  • 18 council notices served on abandoned vehicles by Pendle Council
  • Two cars seized by police that were ‘suspected to have been stolen’
  • Two abandoned cars seized
  • More than 20 fines were issued by DVLA for no tax on vehicles that had just run out of tax
  • Five community protection notices were issued by Pendle Council to garages/ business
  • One male was arrested for public order offences

A police spokesperson said: “For the past two days we have assisted colleagues from the DVLA to remove vehicles that had no tax.

“Thanks to all, and there were a lot of you, who came to say thanks for our efforts. Abandoned vehicles are an eye sore and as parking is limited this frees space up for legal vehicles to park.

“As for the vehicles that didn't have tax on them they are off for a break in the impound. This will cost the owners more money to get back than it would have to tax them.”