An Accrington woman raced to the £4,000 mark in hit quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Maria King managed to qualify by putting characters from Coronation Street in alphabetical order in just 4.4 seconds and was invited into the hot seat by host Jeremy Clarkson.

Maria, a librarian, made light work of the first few questions on the show, screened on Tuesday night.

The first few questions tend to be easier, allowing contestants to get past the £1,000 mark with little effort.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The first safety net is at £1,000 and then contestants have a choice of putting a safety net on any amount afterwards. Most will choose a safety net of £32,000 meaning they essentially have a free question.

The £4,000 question was: Which of these companies was not a holiday provider? – Expedia, ASOS, Icelolly, Opodo.

Before Maria could continue, the show finished meaning TV audiences will have to wait a week to watch what happens next.

You can watch the latest episode on ITVX.