A Lancashire firm headed by a Blackburn entrepreneur is the latest silver patron for the borough's youth zones.

Mo Isap, chief exec of the IN4 Group, the Preston-based tech outfit, wants to help to unlock the potential of Blackburn and Darwen's young people.

Blackburn-born Mr Isap, has emphasised the importance of education in driving economic empowerment.

He said: "I'm very biased, but I do believe Blackburn has the most diverse and incredibly talented young people.

"Our investment into Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone is to further ensure all young people from across our communities can access the fantastic environment and programmes available."

Wayne Wild, Blackburn Youth Zone chairman, added: "We are thrilled to welcome IN4 Group as a silver patron.

"Their dedication to educational enrichment aligns with our mission to empower and uplift the young people in our community.

"This partnership will undoubtedly contribute to building a brighter, more innovative future for our young people."

Youth zone officials say the collaboration will have a "profound impact", gaining the support of a company "known for its unique technology talent acquisition solutions", which "focuses on unlocking the potential within diverse and disadvantaged communities and integrating it into organisations through its innovation hubs and programmes".