An aerospace company is looking to overhaul its ‘Contractors Village’ by introducing new temporary accommodation.

BAE Systems near Samlesbury says the site is proposed to accommodate four regular compounds for site-based contractors, each with modular buildings with frontages onto the existing car park and gates to provide secure access into the compound areas.

The design and access statement submitted to Ribble Valley Borough Council says each compound has been designed with consideration of the office, welfare, and storage/workshop requirements by each contractor.

Lancashire Telegraph: How the new buildings could lookHow the new buildings could look (Image: Wilson Mason)

Fencing 3m high is also proposed to screen the compounds, skips, and storage from within the site and from outside the BAE site.

The statement added that key concerns raised by contractors were not wanting to share office space due to access to intellectual property and overhearing confidential conversations; not sharing workshop areas as they can be left untidy by others; and waste skips to be managed individually as improper use by others can incur fines.

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It continued: “The site currently comprises of built facilities, temporary accommodation, materials storage, and containers.

"The condition and appearance varies, with some areas in visibly poor condition.

“With the compound highly visible from the adjacent primary site road, the visual impact of this facility is to be improved through a standard permanent or temporary building design, and uniform fencing to provide screening of the storage areas of the compounds.

Lancashire Telegraph: The proposed floor plan of the modular buildingsThe proposed floor plan of the modular buildings (Image: Wilson Mason)

“The design of the new modular cabins are to provide the foundations of a new design code which any contractors occupying an area of the Contractors Village will need to comply with when they install cabins on the site.

“The contractors will be further consulted with to determine the exact space requirements within their building.

"This will be done in coordination with the modular building manufacture to ensure the buildings meet the functional requirements and the aesthetic vision set out in the design code and planning application content.”

To read the plans in full, visit the council’s planning website.