More than half of people surveyed in Blackburn did not have a carbon monoxide alarm at home.

The survey also found a quarter were also not aware of the dangers that carbon monoxide posed.

The findings were part of the team from Cadent community Engagement officers based out of Bangor Street Community Centre.

The data was collected during 2023 and spanned 12 months where officers spoke to more than 750 residents by door knocking, at public fun day and charity events, Cadent Safety Awareness Sessions hosted at the centre and Warm Nights events.

Energy saving and issues relating to carbon monoxide safety were addressed as participants filled in household engagement forms.

The majority of those surveyed were in and around the Brookhouse and Bastwell wards but people from across town also featured as and when they attended wider events.

The survey found there was a high population density with larger families in homes, with 46 per cent of households having five or more people residing in homes, while 89 per cent used gas as the main source of heat.

The survey said 24 per cent were ‘not aware’ of the dangers of CO and 32 per cent were not aware of the signs to look out for over the dangers it could pose.

Of the symptoms nearly a third of those questions were not aware of the typical symptoms associated with CO poisoning.  

Of the residents survived 80 per cent did have a smoke alarm but a third did not get their appliances checked.

Lancashire Telegraph:

There was also a lack of awareness when it came to energy saving, with 49 per cent ‘not aware’ or ‘aware a little’ over improving energy efficiency.

More than half of people surveyed were also ‘not aware’ or ‘aware a little’ over the grants and assistance available.

Ali Hussain who is helping to manage the project said: “Some of the results were surprising.”

“It has been important for us to gather valuable insight into how much people are aware of these safety messages.

“The main focus was to reach to families and the elderly.

“Working alongside Cadent we are sharing safety advice on the dangers of carbon monoxide and energy saving and anyone can pop in anytime to speak to the team.

“People can fill in the household engagement form and if they are eligible they may qualify for a carbon monoxide alarm or other energy saving or home safety equipment."

The survey found 53 per cent were not aware of the Priority Services Registrar. 

The Priority Service Register (PSR) is a free support service for customers in vulnerable situations.

This is an industry wide register which supports energy companies to better look after customers who have additional communication, safety or access needs. 

Ali added: “It was surprising to realise that so many people did not this service existed.

“It is especially beneficial to the vulnerable and the elderly.”