Plans have gone in for the erection of two substations and associated works at a former industrial site which was earmarked for an employment block.

Lee Waring, of Filtrox Carlson Ltd, has applied to Pendle Council to erect two substations in the external yard space associated with employment use at Butts Mill, The Butts, Barnoldswick, which will accommodate the power requirements of the business.

Last January an application to demolish part of the industrial unit at Butts Mill and rebuild it with a new employment block and extra car parking spaces was approved by Pendle Council.

The application site related to an existing commercial operation which had operated from the site since the 1950s.

Plans lodged with the council proposed to demolish some older buildings on the site and replace them with new ones, which is now well under way.

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Five letters were received by the council from local residents who raised concerns regarding the heritage impact, increase in traffic, impact upon an unsafe bridge in Butts with additional lorries, and concern over a nearby play park.

However full approval was granted on January 4, 2023.

A document submitted alongside the substation plans reads: “This application is submitted on behalf of the landowner for a full application to introduce two substations to accommodate the power requirements of this important local business, in connection with the extension to the Butts Mill complex which was approved last year and is now in advanced construction.”

The substation plans will now be considered by Pendle Council and a decision made in due course.