A group of men from Oswaldtwistle have raised money for East Lancashire Hospice by climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp.

The fundraiser idea first came from Matt Allen, who says he had always wanted to do the challenge, trekking 5,364m above sea level to the camp in Nepal.

When he put the idea out there to his friends in April 2021, he received interest for people to come and join him.

His friends John Rambsottom and Alex Smith agreed to go with him, taking the 'huge step out of their comfort zone' to book the trip.

Alex said: "Like with all things, when it came to actually book it, it was just down to me.

"We booked our trip for what seemed like a very distant three years time, which all of a sudden became upon us!

"We quickly came to realise that this was a great opportunity to raise money for a charity or organisation that would really benefit, and the obvious choice was East Lancashire Hospice. 

"The amazing work that they continue to provide for over 2,000 patients each year is phenomenal."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The three friends set off on their challenge on Friday, March 8, and reached base camp yesterday (Monday, March 18) after nine days of trekking through the Himalayas.

Alex has seen first hand just how much the hospice can help people when in March 2016, his mother Rosemary was diagnosed with terminal cancer that spread all over her body.

The family were told there was no treatment that would make this better, and she had six months left to live.

Alex continued: "For a family, this was heart-breaking and we did not quite know what to do at first.

"The support received instantly from the Hospice was second to none.

"Mum was able to get the respite she needed by going to the hospice when she felt she needed to, but this was a minimum of once a week.

"She would always come home so happy after her day. There were so many activities she could do whilst at the hospice, arts and crafts, she took part in a choir performance at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, the wonderful parties they would have together at the hospice, whether it was Easter, Christmas, whatever the occasion.

"Although all of the above were amazing for Mum, the best part about it was that she made so many friends and created some special bonds with people that were in the same situation as herself.

"Some of her happiest times in her last eight years were spent at the hospice, and now it's time to give back."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Despite only being given six months to live, Rosemary died on January 12 this year almost eight years on from her diagnosis.

The trio would like the hospice to be able to continue doing the amazing work it does for their patients and families, and with that have set a target of £15,000.

Whilst the group know this is a large amount, they note that the hospice needs £11,000 per day to run as it currently does.

Alex continued: "We are asking if you could help in any way you can, whether that be a donation or even a share to spread the word as much as possible, or both!

"Any help towards this great cause will be much appreciated!

"Any donation is brilliant, and will go along way to ensure that the Hospice will continue to treat, help and support patients and their families for a long time to come."

On JustGiving, they have currently raised £4,620 out of their £15,000 target.

You can donate by visiting their JustGiving page, named 'Matt, Alex and John's fundraiser for The East Lancashire Hospice'.